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Which esa systems probe or nozzle is recommended for my airplane?

Generally, the probe/nozzle has to be considered independent of the airplane type. A well compensated probe or nozzle should deliver a pressure coefficient close to -1 (cp probe = (p stat – p total) / p dyn). This coefficient should be as independent of the airspeed as possible and the probe/nozzle must be able to work in a wide range of yaw and pitch angles. Our probes meet these criteria to an exacting degree.

An other point to consider when searching for a suitable probe is the personal preferences of the pilot: But when there is a problem with the compensation, the first thing to check is the pressure integrity of the entire system. Instructions for checking the pressure tightness of the entire pressure system.
One exception may be cloud flying: in adverse conditions, clouds can temporarily block the TE conduits of most multi-probes due to the excessive amount of moisture. For flying in clouds the right choice among the multi-probes are the type DN/Statek and StaTEK/Brözel probes because like in the single-probes, the TE is fed through a wider shaft.

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