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What are the potential uses of LIQUID GLOSS AS?

LIQUID GLOSS AS was developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the aviation industry and years after being introduce to the industry, has surpassed the well established competitor Ardox to become the cleaning, polishing, and preservation product of choice. LIQUID GLOSS AS reliably and efficiently removes dirt, grease, oxidation, and combustion residue while creating a reflective, UV-resistant protective coating on surface finishings and metals. It is very easy to apply and perfectly suited for gel and PU coats and is ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of acrylic canopies! LIQUID GLOSS AS is not only for GRP and metal airplanes, it can also be used on trailers and vehicles as well! LIQUID GLOSS AS is odorless and free of silicone and nanoparticles. Please read and follow the storage and usage instructions on the bottle.

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