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Procedure for quickly checking the pressure tightness of a single TE probe

Warning: Testing should never be done using compressed air, this can quickly destroy the tubing. The TE probes /UN can not reliable be checked through quick tests.

Depending on the model, 1-2 TE ports have to be tightly sealed. A tightly fitting silicone tubing or “fingers” where tubing does not fit are more suitable for this purpose than duct tape!

After sealing, you have to create a partial vacuum: this is done by sucking through your mouth on the open end of the tube and then covering the opening with your tongue to seal it off. If the O-rings are in optimal condition and the suction against your tongue remains for at least 20 seconds then the probe itself can be considered sufficiently air tight. Should the probe prove to be leaky we can offer to repair it.

For a more thorough inspection please follow the section. ? --> 'Instructions for checking the pressure tightness of the entire system'.

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