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Is a special pressure measuring probe needed that is not offered in our product list? Does the type of installation require a specific type of adapter? A standard probe made to a specific measurements? Special materials? Your favorite probe but 30mm shorter?

We can do that!
During the gliding season, a concrete realization of a special order probe might take a little longer but with some advanced planning we always find a good, cost-effective solution. Below are some examples of special solutions we have developed and manufactured on request which often are relatively inexpensive.

Multi-Adapter for narrow installation situations

Multi-Adapter for narrow installation situations

Like our standard SUN and UN mounting adapters, this mounting adapter has three pressure ports which are arranged parallel to the longitudinal axis. This makes it suitable for narrow installation situations - as in this case for the fuselage tip. The compatibility with our standard multi probes was a prerequisite for implementation.

Modification of a Standard Probe

Modification of a Standard Probe

Here we extended the standard two-axis probe DN / StaTEK by a third port, which we can not show here yet. Only so much: we will be in the hot phase soon. :-)

Analogue control and monitoring of a heated pitot tube

Analogue control and monitoring of a heated pitot tube

We developed this control box together with the TU Berlin and in coordination with the LBA for a customer. The box controls resource-optimized and analogously the heating of our 28V Pitotrohr. In addition to polarity and overvoltage protection, the display of various states is possible via an analogue output.

Nothing off the shelf?

No problem. We look forward to new challenges!

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