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O-Ring for Mounting Adapter Set

Part No.: ZU1003

  • O-Ring for Mounting Adapter Set


With proper care and grease (the end piece of the probe should be lubricated) these O-rings remain functional during normal seasonal operations in our latitudes for a very long time. Should they need to be replaced we recommend using a hardness of 70 (NBR or FKM). The three piece O-ring set fits the SUN, UN, and UNG adapters. The two larger O-rings can easily be replaced without a problem using a special tool which you can borrow from us. In some cases, the removal of the adapter is necessary to replace the smallest O-ring. For details please refer back to the “service” page on our website.

Note: Images and drawings are similar. Certain differences are caused by manual production or further development.


Material NBR 70
FKM 70
Socket (Adapter)SUN, UN, UNG
Dimensions2Stk 8x1.5, 1Stk 3.65x1.78

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