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Multi Probe GMBR/UNG

with end piece UN

Part No.: MU1008

  • Multi Probe GMBR/UNG


This multi-probe is a combination of a Prandtl tube and Venturi nozzle, all parts are made of nickel-plated brass. The Venturi nozzle should be oriented upwards. The geometry corresponds to the probe MBR/UN, but is curved and provided with a spin lock. Developed for Grob. Requires a suitable UNG adapter in the tail unit. Caution: lightly lubricate the end piece to approximately 8cm before insertion!

Note: Images and drawings are similar. Certain differences are caused by manual production or further development.


Cantilever550 mm
Total length650 mm
Weight148 gr
Material Nickel Plated Brass
End pieceUN
Socket (Adapter)UNG
PickupPitot, Static, TE

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