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Mounting Adaptor SUN

with end piece A

Part No.: AD1000

  • Mounting Adaptor SUN -A
  • Mounting Adaptor SUN -A


The mounting adapter SUN is a multi-adapter and distributes three different pressures to three 6 mm hose fittings. Unlike the UN mounting adapter, it can be fitted with probes ending with /UN and additionally with /ST1 -30mm and /ST2. To make this possible, a single interchangeable insert (wTEK) or double (wStaTEK) can be plugged into the adapter. The unused port of the adapter is thereby shut down for the duration of use. End piece A = no mounting hole, straight back. Tip: the system adapter should be installed with the hose fittings oriented upwards to prevent the ingress of water into the system. Should the O – rings, over time no longer be airtight, they can be removed and replaced by using a special tool that you can borrow from us. For details please refer back to the “service” page on our website.

Note: Images and drawings are similar. Certain differences are caused by manual production or further development.


Total length120 mm
Weight60 gr
Material Nickel Plated Brass
FKM 70
End pieceA
Inner diameter8 mm

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