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Liquid Gloss AS

Part No.: ZU1007

  • Liquid Gloss AS
  • Liquid Gloss AS


LIQUID GLOSS AS is esa systems' recommendation for pilots who want to use a highly optimized ' cleaning, polishing and preservation in one step' product. A very effective cleaner, UV protection and polish. Ideal for GEL coats, PU varnishes, and acrylic hoods. Removes dirt gently and effectively and creates a high-gloss UV protection film. The product offers remarkable improvements in comparison to the well established Ardrox. Approved by standards of the aircraft industry. It removes effectively almost all soilings and many combustion residues and forms a high gloss, UV- and weather-resistant protective film on lacquers and protects most metals from oxidation. No crazing, therefore perfect suitable for the cleaning and the care of acrylic hoods. Can be applied to dry or moist surfaces. Odorless and silicon-free, pH number approx. 9.9. Check out, wheather we have a free promotion sample on stock. HDPE bottle, 500ml

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Weight510 gr
Quantity500 ml

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